Updates from February
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Updates from February

Updates from February
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We're already 17% of the way to 2023... pretty nuts eh?

Enrolled in 30x500

30x500 is a self paced course that teaches you how to bootstrap an online business. I've bit the bullet and enrolled in late January. I'm about halfway through it and have enjoyed it so far.

Here are the key things I've learned:

Start with an audience

It's so easy to start building before talking to customers (guilty as charged). This is usually a recipe for disaster. Instead, you should focus on helping an audience.

Money isn't everything

Many indie hackers treat sales as the only success metric, but sales are statistically unlikely. Instead of earning their money, earn attention & trust. They're lower hanging fruit, and pre-conditions for sales.

Be Helpful

There are hundreds of people asking questions online every single minute. Each question is a cry for help. Go out there and help them. With time you'll notice  themes and trends which inform your final product.

Focus on Your Strengths

Overextending yourself into foreign audiences is a common founder trap. Instead, double down on what people already seek you for. Its much easier & de-risks you.

So far 30x500 has been worthwhile. It's provided me with a robust framework for building an audience oriented business. I am bullish on the audience centric nature of the course, and I'm stoked to see how it goes 😎

New Blog Launch

As an outcome of 30x500, I'm happy to announce the launch of a new blog focused on helping web developers master their craft. In it I'll be sharing tips, answering popular questions, and providing insights from my 15 years as a web developer.

Please check it out and subscribe if interested 🙏

What's Next?

I'm currently trying to wrap up a couple of things by the end of March:

  • Complete 30x500; ship more content on the new blog
  • Double down on SEO best practices
  • Explore different content mediums (screencasts, videos)
  • Grow my twitter audience to 100 people

These are all deliberately audience focused. I really want to grow in this dept.

'Til the wheels fall off 🛤