Build Log: Dog Stairs
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Build Log: Dog Stairs

I built a set of dog steps for my pup. Check it out 🐶
Build Log: Dog Stairs
Our Maltese, Tiki 🐾

What I Built

All small dog owners know that pups need help getting up on raised beds. Tiki is no exception.

I built a super cheap (but safe!) set of dog steps out of some free USPS boxes I had lying around, duct tape, and some gardening pebbles I got from the dollar store.

Why I Built It

Most pre-built solutions are costly for what they are...stairs.

Plus I had the itch to build something with my hands (as I regularly do).

Cost / Time Invested

The ingredients were

For a whopping total of $10.

As for time, I spent about 30 minutes assembling it, and another 30 training Tiki to use the stairs, for a total of ~1 hour.

(Treats were not factored into the cost above 😅.)

Build Log

  1. Assemble 6 of the boxes with tape, placing the pebbles in 4 of the boxes.
  2. Place the 4 weighted boxes at the bottom, and wrap with tape. This is the foundation.
  3. Tape the remaining 2 boxes together, and place them on top of your foundation.
  4. Tape vertically to conjoin the 2 box unit to the foundation.
  5. Tear the remaining box into long cardboard pieces
  6. Tape these pieces to reinforce the top of each step (minimize risk of breakage).


It took Tiki a noticeable amount of sessions (about 6 sessions, 5 minutes each) to get her to use the stairs. We motivated her with treats at each step, which she eventually couldn't resist. She is now using the stairs out of her own volition.


They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Tiki is 11, and has proven that wrong. We're so proud 🥲.